• prefabrik_ev

    Prefabricated House

    Prefabricated houses; specifically designed to whom wants to practically construct home on the parcel.. Cont’d ›

  • Prefabricated Construction Yard

    Fastest solution to provide constructions which are vital needs such as food and accommodation.. Cont’d ›

  • celik_yapi

    Steel Construction

    Shows maximum resistance via special production constructions and its endurance have maximum level.. Cont’d ›

  • konteyner


    Can be produced out of standard sizes as 2 folded and required size.. Cont’d ›

  • kabinCabinet

    Special design cabinets, entrance points such as hack stand, buffet and security booth.. Cont’d ›

  • pdfOnline Catalogue

    Examine our products in detail from online catalogue.. Cont’d ›

//Onka Prefabricate; is name of the knowledge and experience since 1989 to current. Our firm which have combined the technological developments with knowledge experience since first steps of prefabricate sector establishment is investing for sector future by following the international and national developments.

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